Canterbury Creepers Haunted House and More is a back yard haunt run by volunteers and supported by donations. We are a team. Even more, we're a family.  We're always growing and we'd love if you joined us! Volunteer today and join our family. Making Halloween fun takes a lot of ideas and, perhaps more importantly, a lot of help.

More often than not we don't get things decorated like we'd like. Building becomes a nightmare and goes rather slow with only two or three people showing up to help build each weekend. The goal has always been to finished building by October 1st and so far we've never made that goal.

Even if you don't have the desire to help Halloween night, we'd love to have your help in building when the time comes. The more people we have to help the faster things can move along and the more we can, hopefully, do this year.

We need help moving pallets, holding them in place, screwing them in and making them safe, all the sort. So if you can't work a tool, someone else can. We just need people to help move it along and work in teams.

Bring your tools, if you have them, and join us Sept 4th.
(All volunteers that help build are welcome to participate in the Haunted House Halloween night.)

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