What does it entail?

By supporting your local 'Creepers with a $5 donation, your name will be placed somewhere, visible, in our Haunted House. And upon your visit, if you find it, capture a photo with it, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram with the hashtags #CanterburyCreepers and #CanterburyCreeperDrawings you will be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to our store.

Each additional $5 donation will give you an additional place for your name to be. (Ex: Sally donates $30. Sally's name will be placed 6 times.)

To participate, please use your name when donating, either through our GoFundMe page or Paypal.

All proceeds go to help fund our haunted house (building/buying props/costumes/ect).


If there are any questions you have, click the button below.

Bob Smith (5/30/20)

Vernon (7/13/20)(     x4)

Michael Foster (7/15/20)

Alexander Liddell (7/18/20) 

Michael Mus (7/22/20)(      x10)

Isabelle French (7/30/20)          (     x2)

Jackie McConnell (8/8/20)

John Lewis (8/23/20)(     x4)

J. Tillman (9/20/20)(     x4)


Item Donations

Naomi Aughtman (9/25/20)

Marty Roy (10/27/20)         ($50 worth)