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Who are we?

Once upon a time, no one can seem to remember just how long ago, a man, who loved Halloween, started out. It was just the usual things at first, handing out candy and decorating. But then he decided he'd do a little more. He 'built' his own Mad Scientist lab out at the front of his house and served a mixture of beverages.

And it lasted like that. For awhile.

This man was spending time with a friend when they hatched the idea. They were going to put on a haunted house. If only they knew how much work it'd be, but even if they had, it'd be worth it, in their eyes.

The project spread. New friends were made, new friends got involved. More and more people showed up each year. It expanded to a whole operation of punch, candy, games, and a haunted house. And it all started with the Mad Scientist's lab. 

So to answer the question, to say who we are.. We're family. We're a community. Just a group of volunteers that put on a haunted house every Halloween. We're the Canterbury Creepers.

Meet The Team


The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist, himself, Randy Dunn. A man passionate about Halloween that really enjoys how many others' day he can brighten. 

Caught off guard and taken from a video from a Halloween past. (They say it's impossible to capture a true image of him anymore, count yourself lucky, or unlucky, that you got to see. Only time will tell. After all he has to get the blood he serves from somewhere.)


Creature Feature

On All Hallow's Eve, the beast within comes forth from our very own Mr.Jeff Byrd. He seeks the screams of those that dare travel through the Canterbury Creepers' Haunted House, feeding on their fear.

Jeff keeps track of the souls that are scared most of him. Perhaps, if you're lucky, you won't be added to the list.


The Shadowman

"Almost every species in the Universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But they’re wrong. 'Cause it’s not irrational."


Kris Reeves uses the shadows to his advantage, sneaking up on unsuspecting visitors of the Canterbury Creepers' Haunted House. His quiet demeaner is but an illusion, in this case. People run from the room terrified, never truly seeing Kris until it was too late. The screams of his victims would echo up the hill, where other guests are eagerly waiting for their turn.

So, yes, your fear of the dark is quite rational. Kris makes sure of it.

20210909_233200 (2).jpg

The Web Master



The Cosmic Clown


























The Screamer


She puts the 'Scream' in 'Scream Team'! 

Whitney Reeves is the silent type. Every second of every day she spends keeping careful control over the volume of her voice, never going above a whisper.

That is until October 31st. She earns a position among our top scarers here at Canterbury Creepers by using her voice. Her screams are heard throughout the neighborhood as she corners the guests.

Whitney is also our artist. She can be contacted through us, by email, or her ko-fi (linked above).


The Candy Man Can

This haunting couple are founding members of the Canterbury Creepers. Russell, once a haunter, now retired to the life of a candy man along with his wife, Diane, our lovely candy lady, started this house with our scientist years ago.


There are rumors of ways to get extra candy. Make sure to call out their name three times into a mirror..


Image by Emily Morter


This list is not fully accurate. We are missing photos of everyone and our Webmasters aren't fully sure who everyone is as well. This is everyone listed as of 2021 because that is the most recent photos I have of everyone that participated. Everyone else will need to be added at another time once we take photos again.

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