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Catch Up with the Creepers

Hi, everyone!

This is just a tiny update for our Canterbury Creepers family.

This past week we have started meeting with new volunteers, people who want to join us, who are excited to join us, and who we are excited to have.

So far we've had about 10 people show interest in our volunteer postings on Facebook as well as another person who volunteered through our site. This is great! But you can help spread the news about us!

Here's How:

  • Share our posts (Facebook)

  • Invite your friends to 'Like' our page (Facebook)

  • Talk to people who may be interested and direct them to our website

  • Hand out our cards (If you need more, contact us about getting some)

Just remember that this haunted house is all of us. Not just me, not just Randy, all of us. We're all a part of this family and we all need to work together. We can't just leave it for a few people to do. Asking for help is okay, expanding our family is okay. But we'd like your help to do it.

Thank you, and keep Creepin'.

Attention Creepers: Are you interested in doing How-to/building tutorials of your props and costumes? This blog is for you! Contact me on how to get started. (Not a writer? That's okay! You don't have to be.)

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