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June 2020 Meeting

Just as a short review:

As some of you know, we had our meeting with a good amount of the Creepers involved, I believe we had about 22 people. The meeting went pretty well, all things considered.

There was a presentation, featuring our new store, as well as 2020's plans for Halloween, a few ideas were expressed, as well as a new design by our very own artist, Whitney Reeves. We are open to meeting with people who weren't there to go over what they missed in detail. We're also accepting any suggestions for sayings on the backs of our shirts, contact us if you have one.

Thank you, and keep Creepin'.

Attention Creepers: Are you interested in doing How-to/building tutorials of your props and costumes? This blog is for you! Contact me on how to get started. (Not a writer? That's okay! You don't have to be.)

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